Economics is the social science that seeks to understand how the world works, analyzing the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Our programs will offer you the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the economy and examine the social, cross-cultural and ethical dimensions of economic decision-making.

As an undergraduate student at the Vancouver School of Economics, you will learn from some of the world’s leading experts in a wide variety of fields, including industrial organization, labour, economic history, macro-economics, political economy, international trade and finance development, as well as resource, health and transitional economics.

Bachelor of International Economics

Gain a deep understanding of the global economy's workings and acquire vital technical training that will allow you to enter careers in business, government, and academia.
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BA Economics Programs

Discover the field of economics through a combination of theoretical and empirical courses, labs, and experiential learning opportunities.
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The VSE is the highest-ranking economics department in Canada, this reflects the prestige and the high quality of research. Prospective undergrads learn from professors who genuinely care about teaching, students’ feedback and their performance. Additionally, many faculty members allow students to contribute to the forefront of economic studies by allowing them to become research assistants.

Tudor Schlanger