Key Contacts

School Director: Patrick Francois

School Associate Director: Brian Copeland

School Administrator/ Manager, Facilities & Operations: Angela Tardif

Coordinator, Faculty Affairs/EA to Director: Ciara English


Graduate Program Director: Vadim Marmer

Graduate Programs Manager:


Director of Undergraduate Studies & Majors Program Advisor: Mauricio Drelichman

BA Program Assistant: Tina Marandola

BA Co-Op Program Coordinator: Emrul Hasan

BA Honours Program Advisor: Nicole Fortin

BA Articulation: Michal Szkup

For all course registration inquiries or prerequisites, students should contact Tina Marandola at Please do NOT contact course instructors, as they will not be able to help you with any such requests.

BIE Program Director: Florian Hoffman

BIE Academic Advisor: Triny Shen

BIE Career Services Director: Nancy Clarke


VSE Communications & Marketing:

School Ombudsperson

Students who have a grievance about the interpretation of the rules and regulations pertaining to their program may present their case to the Vancouver School of Economics Ombudsperson, Professor Wei Li. The Ombudsperson will investigate and seek redress for any legitimate grievance or injustice.

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