CIDER announces small grants recipients for 2021

The Centre for Innovative Data in Economics Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the seventh round of their small grants competition.

See below for a full list of the funded projects.

Project # Primary Applicant Name Other applicant name Project Title Amount (in CAD)
143 Thorsten Rogall Historical Lynchings and Political Violence $4000
144 Mukesh Eswaran The Wrongs of Property Rights: The Destruction of Native Indian Indeity and its Health Consequences $4000
145 Sam Norris The Effect of Fines and Fees in the Criminal Justice System $10,000
147 Claudio Ferraz Vinicius Pecanha (VSE PhD) Moving the Opportunity: Evidence from Pacifying Slums in Rio de Janeiro $15,000
148 Margaret Slade Francine Lafontaine, Saattvic No poaching agreements in Franchising $15,400
151 Terry (Seok Min) Moon Raffa Saggio The Labor Market Consequences of Obtaining Access to Public Market Capital $25,400
153 Mi Zhou Predicting Consumer Behavior Leveraging Video Analytics and Machine Learning $10,500
154 Bo Bian Huan Tang Measuring Privacy Protection using Apple Privacy Label $15,000
155 Tomasz Swiecki Vanessa Alviarez Mapping the Fragility of Global Production Networks $8,500
156 Claudio Ferraz Ieda Rodrigues Matavelli (VSE PhD) Man Up: Social Image, Masculinity and Aggression $24,350
157 Henry Siu Allen Peters, Hiro Kasahara Greenhouse Gas Emmisions and Shipping Technology Transition with Lumpy Investment $29,680
158 Patrick Francois Matt Lowe, Ieda Rodrigues Matavelli (VSE PhD) The Labour Market Effects of Psychedelics $14,700
159 Matt Lowe Deivis Angeli (VSE PhD) Do Virtue Signals Signal Virtue? $19,400
160 Matt Lowe Ben Milner, Cory Smith Investing in Angels: The Impacts of a Century of Randomized Grants to British Clergy $11,000
161 Munir Squires German Vega (VSE PhD) Performance, hierarchy and socio-economic groups $14,400
162 Siwan Anderson Deivis Angeli, Ieda Matavelli, Fernando Secco (VSE PhD) Stigma and Labor Supply $17,600
164 Craig Riddell David Green, Garry Barrett Understanding Educational Impacts: The Role of Cognitive Skills $15,000
166 Jamie McCasland Why don’t small firms merge? $18,000
167 Kevin Milligan Federico Ricca, Juan Felipe Riano (VSE PhD) The Political Economy of Corporate Voting $14,000