The Vancouver School of Economics is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in Canada and among the top 25 worldwide, based on research productivity, teaching excellence, and in several other performance areas.

Research Highlights

  • Award-winning faculty comprised of leading experts in multiple fields, including income inequality, international trade, political economy, taxation, fiscal policy, among many others
  • First in Canada to have a Canada Excellence Research Chair dedicated to social sciences research
  • Home to the Centre for Innovative Data in Economics Research (CIDER), state-of-the-art facilities for data-intensive research
  • Several faculty members are affiliated with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), an elite research group that brings together leading researchers from across Canada and around the world


FDZ-IAB Data Access Point

The FDZ-IAB Data Access Point provides direct access to confidential German administrative social security data. We are the first and only facility in Canada to provide the opportunity for on-site use.

These data can only be accessed at selected research centres worldwide that meet rigorous security standards and are provided and maintained by the research data centre (FDZ) of the Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

We are part of a small elite group of institutions in North America that includes Berkeley, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Michigan, and UCLA, to provide an on-site use access point.

Economics has experienced an empirical revolution over the last decade in terms of empirical methodology and data quality. Large and high-quality data sets on individual workers and firms, often collected for administrative purposes, are quickly becoming the norm for state-of-the-art empirical research in economics.

The FDZ-IAB has been an internationally recognized leader and innovator in the provision of such data sets. It offers a multitude of data products, such as worker-level and firm-level panel data and matched employer-employee data. Some of the most influential recent research on income inequality has been based on these data. However, since the data are drawn from individual social security claims and contributions, they are subject to strict confidentiality rules.

Though the VSE is hosting the data access point, anyone who has a valid data use contract with the FDZ-IAB can use it, no matter their place of residence or citizenship. Prospective users first need to apply formally for data access through the FDZ-IAB. Rules and regulations are described in detail on their website.

Access to our data facility is granted only after an application for on-site use data access has been formally approved by the FDZ-IAB.

Note: Only the FDZ-IAB can process and approve applications for on-site use of the IAB data. The VSE merely provides a data access point for those with a valid data use contract.

Lima Summer School

The Vancouver School of Economics collaborates with the Lima School of Economics, Peru, to co-present the Lima Summer School, offering advanced level courses that cover state-of-the-art topics in economics.

Lima Summer School is a great opportunity for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students in Latin America to interact with and learn from a world-class faculty. It also offers recent graduates and practitioners in economics the opportunity to develop and strengthen their areas of expertise.

The courses are taught by VSE professors and by associated members of the Lima School of Economics, all leading researchers in their areas of specialization.